Episode 30

Published on:

12th Dec 2023

Avoiding Burnout: Rest is NOT Weakness - E30

What if everything you’ve heard about the grind and hustle of entrepreneurship was wrong? In this episode, we explore a phenomenon that is alarmingly prevalent yet seldom addressed – burnout, more specifically among female entrepreneurs. Sam shares her personal narrative of hitting rock bottom due to immense overwork and lack of rest. The conversation takes a closer look at the telling symptoms of burnout, ways to identify them, and strategies to prevent and recover from this existential crisis. 

Key Takeaways:

  • (0:01:12) - Can you push past burnout?
  • (0:04:29) - Driving to Chick-Fil-A in a racecar
  • (0:08:15) - Is rest a luxury or a necessity?
  • (0:12:02) - Signs you’re facing burnout but don’t realize it
  • (0:16:28) - Rest is a strategic move, not a weakness
  • (0:18:11) - Reflecting values to make aligned decisions
  • (0:23:10) - Quirky ways to recharge throughout the week
  • (0:31:38) - Rest is a powerful ally that all business owners need

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