Episode 23

Published on:

17th Oct 2023

Don’t Ask, Don’t Get: Money and Motherhood | Badass Basic Bitch aka Brianna DeMike - E23

Brianna, a mom of 4 and serial entrepreneur, opens up about the struggles and triumphs she's experienced while juggling her roles as a mom and businesswoman. Brianna talks about a difficult period she recently went through which involved family court matters with her ex-husband, and grappling with a high lifetime risk of breast cancer. She acknowledges that there's no perfect “balance”, but rather seasons where the focus shifts between different areas of life. Brianna's motivation to pursue business is primarily guided by her desire for financial freedom; having emerged from a childhood of poverty, she achieved self-made millionaire status by the age of 28. Brianna offers insights into how she educates her kids about money, using daily chore checklists along with monetary rewards and the Greenlight app to help them learn to budget and invest. This revealing conversation also includes *Brianna's behind-the-scenes story of her "Badass Basic Bitch" podcast* - spurred after feeling underestimated as just a "basic" mom by another woman. She now hosts a two million download podcast "Badass Basic Bitch" and became a self-made multimillionaire by age 28. Tune into our conversation, she’s someone you have to listen to. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Balancing motherhood and business: avoiding bringing work into home 
  • Receiving a cancer diagnosis
  • Learning from childhood trauma
  • Assessing your worth: don’t ask, don’t get mentality
  • Funny money for discretionary spending
  • Developing healthy money habits in business
  • Teaching your kids about money: from poverty to riches

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